Terra Battle 2


A new adventure in a brave new world


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Terra Battle 2 is an SRPG with a combat system that's perfectly adapted for touchscreens. Developed by Mistwalker (the brains behind The Last Story, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon), the game sets players to assembling a squad of adventurers and participating in an escapade of epic proportions.

The first installment of Terra Battle laid much greater emphasis on battles than on the story line, in doing so introducing an original and addictive gameplay. This second part, while conserving the same combat system, lays out a much more detailed plot boasting more interesting characters and situations.

The combat system in Terra Battle 2 is practically identical to the one in the first game. You have a group of heroes represented by their respective pieces laid out on a game board. The idea is to close in on an enemy's flanks with two of your heroes so you can attack him and set off a chain of special abilities.

As before, the fighting in Terra Battle 2 has a lot of interesting details. For example, if one hero is set in a straight line across from another hero that's attacking, the former supports the latter in doing more damage. Likewise, if you move one of your heroes and pass over another one, the second one follows after him.

Terra Battle 2 is an outstanding RPG developed by a studio with experience far superior to that of almost any other Android developer. And as you'd expect, it doesn't disappoint: this is a spectacular continuation that's back with terrific graphics and a brilliant soundtrack.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher